Monday, October 8, 2012

NOTD: Something I Thought I Hated (Read: I'm a Hypocrite)

As much as we all hate to admit it, we're all hypocrites (and if you just scoffed to yourself and thought "no I'm not!", well... thanks for proving my point). This nail 'art' that I did today is proof of my own hypocrisy; for years (?) now, I've always stood by my hatred for this nail look. It popped up in fashion magazines, nail adds, seemingly everywhere and I always thought it just looked dirty.
I think I finally figured out though that the reason I thought it looked so nasty was the fact that it's typically done with black and a baby pink center, which just happens to be one of the cheapest color combinations (right up there with bright pink and brown) out there (I've worked a lot of weddings, so just trust me when I claim to know a thing or two about cheap and rich two-tone color palettes).

Take the jump to see more pictures and what I used (plus some pictures of Galileo)!!

NYC - Sidewalkers + Forever21 (love & beauty) - Black/Fuchsia

I think there's about an inch (okay, I'm exaggerating maybe) of nail polish on my nails, but I'm blaming the Forever21 polish that I used as the rim color. Originally I was just going to paint my nails that solid color but it was so gloopy and almost had a matte finish (both of which I've never encountered in a Forever21 polish, so I was pretty disappointed *sob*) that I thought I would cover it up with a different color rather than put in the labor of taking it off (tough life, I know). 
When I started painting on the grey polish, I must have subconsciously gave into my hidden love for this nail look. By the time I was done, I had created a beautiful monster of love and hypocrisy!! I love the fact that there are little hints of the fuchsia glitter hidden amongst the rim of black from the base coat of Forever21 polish. 

These look pretty classy and edgy for fall if I do say so myself!

And of course, since it's Columbus day and Massachusetts folk must take this 'holiday' more seriously than Minnesotans did, I got the day off of school which is why I got to indulge in some nail painting!
Between the nails, laundry that I did, bathroom cleaning, and hair treatment that I still have in (my beloved Ojon one!), I got to cuddle with Galileo as well... :)

He loves the smell of clean laundry, so every now and then he would wake up (without opening his eyes, of course; too much work) and sniff the air where it was watfting from hehe.

How do you feel about this nail trend?
Have you seen it around?
Tried it yourself?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


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