Thursday, October 11, 2012

10/11/12 OOTD

Did anyone else notice how fantastic the date was/is today? Well, I hope you did... for some reason it just tickled my simple-things bone (if we have a funny bone, we must have one of these too).
Take the jump below if you want the dirty details (don't get too excited in the gutter) on my outfit!!

 Lips - Revlon Kissable Balm Stain "Precious" (Swatched & reviewed with others here!)
Gold Linked Necklace - Thrifted
Patterned Grandpa Cardigan - Goodwill
B&W Abstract Print Blouse - Goodwill
Brown and Gold Buckle Belt - Goodwill
Indigo Jeggings - Target
Muted Olive Green Flats - Blowfish (either from UO or DSW... these are 7 years old hehe)

I don't have much to report on my day; just the typical school mumbo-jumbo. I am, however, quite stressed to have it hit me that I only have a few months to make my portfolio of work for resubmission/review by the schoolboard for next fall. Gaaaaaaah, I'm going to have to work fast but I'm glad I know what I want to do for my body of work!

I'm also really glad that the weather is finally feeling like Fall; I didn't realize it until I stepped outside this morning and I was freezing!! I definitely needed a coat to go over this cardigan, but oh well. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right? It's just gotten to that point in the year where I have to realize that a super sunny day doesn't mean a super warm day like it does in the Summertime. 

How have you all been?
Has the weather finally shifted from Summer to Fall (or even Winter to Spring, depending on your location!) where you live?
What's your favorite season? 

Fall always makes me happy because it gives me an excuse to buy a Pumpkin Spice Latte every time I pass a Starbucks :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. So chic! Love how most of this was thrifted! :)

  2. Oooh yeah love it, you should do a post on your coats collection. I love coats, they can either make or brake an outfit I think. h&m have some good ones in for fall (autumn) :)
    Lauren xx

  3. omg i can't believe those shoes are 7 years old! they still look great! i have some old shoes myself and they are my favorites! and i want your shirt!!!! can't believe you thrifted it! ahhhh i need you to go thrifting with me! weather's definitely getting colder here, which is good :)

  4. I actually love your glasses, sometimes I wish I needed them so I could look as cool and intelligent as you do! :) lovely outfit. xxx

  5. Analisa: Aw, thank you!! Yes, I always feel slightly accomplished when most of my outfit is thrifted hehe :p

    le style child: Thank you!!

    Lauren: Thank you for the idea!! Maybe I'll do my next video on that (I have so many coats, it's slightly ridiculous... they're all for different weather though, so I need them haha!). And I agree, they definitely make or break an outfit :) I'll have to check out H&M for some good new ones (thanks for feeding my addiction)!!

    Lucy: Isn't that crazy!?!?!? I try really hard to take care of my shoes since they tend to be one of the items I'll justify paying retail for, but I can't believe these haven't fallen apart yet since they're just flimsy flats! And I'd love to go thrifting with you :D Especially now that it seems to be getting cooler everywhere in the states (though some more than others); it justifies wanting to buy lots and lots of layers! :)

    Kitty Considine: Aw, thank you!! I think I understand the feeling of people with perfect vision... It's like girls who have boobs and girls who don't (you always want what you don't have) haha. I guess I'm just glad you think mine make me look cool and intelligent! So thank you, it kind of made me less self-conscious about them :)

  6. I love your outfit! I can't believe your shoes are 7 years old! They look in really good condition! :)

    Laura x

  7. I love your jacket and shirt x

  8. Nice outfit, simple and cute!

  9. me encanta tu look!

    New outfit post en el blog "MILITARY JEANS"

  10. so in love with the jacket

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  11. Laura: Thank you so much!! And I know, the shoes are freakishly long lasting! I take good care of them, but I'm still amazed they haven't died yet haha.

    To Wanderlust: Thank you dear :)

    Magz and Mez: Thank you!!

    Rocio: I don't speak Spanish (I think that's what language that is?) but I think you said you like my look? Haha, I'm sorry but thank you for taking the time to comment anyways! :)

    TheBizarreBirdcage: Thank you, it's one of my favorite thrift finds for sure!


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