Sunday, September 30, 2012

Youtube Update!! Oh Yeahhh, This is Another Two-fer!

Good morning everyone (or whatever time of day it is when you read this)!!
I just wanted to post a link to my latest Youtube video... it's been SO LONG. Especially considering I completely spaced on posting my other most recent video onto my blog. 

How I ever graduated with high honors in both high school and undergrad with this horrific memory of mine is beyond me. Le sigh.

This video is from almost a month ago but here you go anyways; it's my brow routine!!

Here's the latest video of mine. It's the best and worst of beauty for September!

Can you believe that tomorrow is the beginning of October??? I sure can't and will probably continue to be in denial until I receive my October Birchbox in a couple of weeks. September really flew by!!

What are your favorites from September?
Any good September memories?
I will continue to remember my first day of grad school when I fell out of a bus (remember this blog post where it looks like someone went to town on my knees with a crow bar?) considering I still have a large bruise/welt on my left knee; I wish I was kidding.

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Ohhh, I just had my brows done 'HD' style, I was planning to do a post on them but (annoyingly) I forgot to take a before photo- doh!Rx

  2. Rachael: Oh no!! That's always the worst when not taking one photo ruins things; I've definitely done that before >__<

  3. Heya, how do you find the brow shadow compared to a brow pencil? I overly sharpen my brow pencil before i use it everyday and it gives me a nice neat line. The good thing is that it has lasted me forever and has a brow comb the other end. Its by No7 from Boots, not sure if you get that over there?
    Anyway have you used a pencil before?

    Lauren xxx

  4. Lauren: I have personally never tried using a brow pencil, but I tend to not like the look of them; I feel that a brow powder looks much more natural and less drawn on than pencils. Granted, I think pencils are worth their weight when it comes to outlining the brows (so long as it's not obvious!) and I do it in my routine as well (even though it's a "marker" rather than a pencil), as seen in the video. We actually just got No7 stuff (not all, but a bit!) at our Targets here in the states but I have yet to try out their stuff!! Powders do last a very long time though, so don't let that hold you back from trying them on your brows! :)

  5. Cool i'll give it a go next time! xx

  6. Lauren: Yay, I'm glad I could (hopefully) help!! :)


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