Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bring on the pink glitter... I'm feelin' GIRLY!!

Any time the words "I" and "girly" appear in the same sentence is a time for personal celebration; while I wear girly outfits some of the time, that doesn't mean that I'm necessarily feeling girly. 
But let me tell you: if I'm wearing pink glitter on my nails, you know that it wasn't without reasoning... it means I am feeling like a girl! Weiiiiiiird...

Take the jump if you want to know how to recreate this nail look :)

The star of this look is definitely this polish by Revlon. It's in the shade "Sparkling" and it does just that; it catches people's attention every time I've got in on my nails!! For some reason I think it just brings out the giddy little girl in all of us (boys included; no need to feel shame).

I know you're probably thinking that having two pink glitter nail polishes in my collection is overkill but I don't know how it happened! One minute I'm at Walmart to buy some makeup wipes and the next thing I know these little buggers creep their way into my hands and are being paid for!
Plus, the Sally Hansen one has silver glitter mixed in so they're DIFFERENT. Hah. Justification accomplished.

To do the actual nail art for this look, you can basically follow the same template that I use in my "Silver Glitter French Tips" tutorial on Youtube (here's a link!!) except you're using pinks in this look rather than silvers :) Easy, right?
The only difference is that I used two glitter polishes here instead of one; I used "Razzle Dazzler" first and then layered "Sparkling" over that. It just added a nice extra dimension to the nails with the addition of another type of glitter!

So there you have it!! Painting my nails on the weekend is one of my favorite things to do to treat myself in preparation for the long week ahead.

What do you do to de-stress and unwind on the weekend?
Trashy TV and face masks are a couple of my other favorite things to do!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Vanessa: Thank you so much! Liebe grüße aus Amerika... Ich kann ja ein bisschen Deutsch sprechen ;)

  2. Great blog dear! You have a new follower here , maybe you could check out mine

  3. these turned out so gorgeous!!


  4. Mafalda: Thank you SO much... you honestly just made my night :) I will check out your blog the next chance I get, I promise!!

    Jessica: Thank you!! I hope you give them a try on your own nails :)

  5. Andeep: Thank you so much!! You're more than welcome to follow if you want haha :)

  6. this looks so pretty :) theres no nail look that cant be made 100000x prettier with some glitter polish! x

  7. Charlotte: Thank you!! Do give it a try if you get a chance :) And yes, glitter fixes all haha!


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