Thursday, September 20, 2012

9/20 OOTD

As much as I loved my outfit yesterday, it just felt way too weird to not be wearing any thrifted clothing. So today I threw on two of my favorite thrifted items and HUZZAH I felt like a super star!!
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 Polkadot Blouse - Goodwill
Lace Cami/Bra Cover-up - Forever21
Beaded Thread Quilt-esque Bracelet - Gift
Denim Shirt Skirt - Urban Outfitters (Sale)
Woven Loafers - Goodwill
Lips - L'Oreal Colour Riche Balm "Tender Mauve"

I'm at a very frustrating point in my Master's program where, to abuse one of the most overused metaphors in existence, I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

I feel the need to conform to today's standards of art (at least in the contemporary art world) in order to do well in the program/in society. However, I want nothing more than to create art for art's sake and teach students what I know as a professor someday so that they can do all of the metaphoric fancy-shmancy poor excuse for art as they develop.
You see, art today is much more about the idea behind the work rather than the work itself. To put it in a way that most can understand: if I paint the most gorgeous Renaissance-esque flower arrangement it would be deemed as crap and not worth any one's time. However, if I were to poop on a canvas and use my poop to paint a flower similar to what a five year old can draw then I would stand a chance of being deemed one of the most prolific artists of the world today.
This maddens me to no end and makes me want to create a whole series on the idiocy of contemporary art/a big F*** YOU to art critics... but then I would technically be doing the exact conformist propaganda that they marvel and drool over while braiding their beards and sipping cheap boxed wine.


Brown Pleather Bomber Jacket - Target (four or five years ago?)

Rant aside, it felt so good to come home to Galileo and have him love me unconditionally (aka he knows how to butter me up after a bad day to get the Fancy Feast).

It dawned on me though that now that it's cool enough to be wearing a jacket (it was really chilly today in Boston; I didn't take this off!!) I should probably include one in my posts since I have quite a few that I rotate depending on the degree of coldness (#punnybrilliance).
This one that I got from Target (I believe my Freshman year of undergrad?) is one of my favorites for early fall because of the tight waist and wrist bands; it keeps the warm in for crisp fall days and always reminds me of apple picking with friends and baking pie with the apples we harvested :)

But that's it! Thank you for reading if you made it through my rant.
How do you feel about contemporary art?
Love it? Hate it? No opinion?
Do you have a favorite jacket for Fall, or do you switch it up each day like I do?

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I wish it was cool enough already here to wear a leather jacket! I love your polka dot shirt, so cute!

  2. Analisa: Thank you so much!! And don't you live in California? Haha does it EVER get cold enough there to wear a leather jacket? :)

  3. Stella: Aw, thank you! And yes, the shoes are fantastic... definitely one of my favorite thrift finds/shoes in general :)

  4. Them as can, do. Them as can't critique those who can. Truer words...I personally dislike a lot of contemporary or modern art. You couldn't give me a Picasso or a Warhol. Ick, yuck, poo. I like Van Gogh, Monet, Charles C Curran, Adam Emory Albright, Louis Aston Knight and lots of other people. I like what I like and could care less what others think of my taste (in most things, lol). Then again, I'm not going to be trying to make a living with my (nonexistent) art. I do think that you are not nearly as limited by what current art critics think as artists were even 50 years ago, There are many outlets to get your art out there without them.. Justin Beiber (where's my mouth wash) created his career with self promotion. Think of what someone like yourself with real talent could do! I realize this is nearly two years old, but, I just had to put in my two bits.

    1. Thank you so much Sandi; I'm still going through all of this (and probably will for the rest of my 'career' as an 'artist') so your words were very encouraging. Truly it means a lot <3


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