Tuesday, September 11, 2012

OOTD 9/11

First off, I just want to say that my heart goes out to anyone who lost a loved one ten years ago today; I couldn't even type the title of this post without feeling... well, for lack of a better word, off
I was young (only in sixth grade) when the planes hit the twin towers but I still remember where I was (home-ec) and the grief that the adults around me (who actually understood what was happening) were expressing. I know it's silly, but I really do wish that some day there will be a world where everybody gets along and treats each other with respect.

Anywhew, take the jump for actual post!

I'm in the middle of week two of my classes and... well, things are going along. Time still has yet to tell how this year will work out in the long run. All I know right now is that I'm enjoying watching Teen Mom and cuddling with Galileo ahhahah... it's not until I type these things that I actually realize how pathetic my life must seem to most people, but I really am content :)

Lips - Urban Decay Lip Junkie "NAKED" (from the NAKED2 palette which I reviewed here!)
Geometric Triangle Earrings - D.I.Y.

Sorry for the cruddy quality of these photos; the lighting has been sub-par here lately so I can't get really clean shots. I was also struggling to capture the wonder that is these earrings!! They were my weekend D.I.Y. project and I couldn't be happier with them... I really think they're just so cool!! 

 Black Button-up Shirt - Nordstrom
Black Leather Belt - Goodwill
Studded High Waisted Denim Shorts - Goodwill + D.I.Y.
Brown Loafers (that make fart sounds when I walk up or down stairs) - Goodwill

Nothing much else to report here!! Just a super simple outfit, but I felt like I hadn't posted anything in awhile so I figured I'd put this up for you guys.
To close things out, here's a picture of Galileo as I type up this post... I really can't imagine what else is better than coming home to a warm bundle of purrs on your shoulder :)

How is everyone?
Hopefully you're all having a great week so far!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I wanted shorts this summer like this, looks great on us curvy gals xo! Following you!

    1. Yay, thank you, I'm so happy to have you here!! You should go thrift a pair of shorts like this if you've been wanting some; you have to look hard to find a pair that fits nice and where the pockets flatter your butt (oh the things our curves have to deal with!) but then you'll be golden! :)


  2. your cat is cute, and i love the studded shorts. "Brown Loafers (that make fart sounds when I walk up or down stairs) - Goodwill" this one cracks me up! hahaha i've experienced that once.

    oh anyway, thanks for visiting my blog! I definitely read your comment on the cusp sign and thank god you're telling me because for such a long time i thought i'm like some indigo kid or something (which i'm proud of haha). I'll definitely check whether i'm more of a taurus or an aries when i got the time! thanks for the information! (:

    Putri Soe

    1. Haha, I'm glad you caught that; whenever I walk up and down the stairs in these shoes I have to be so careful so that people don't think I'm passing gas with each step I take hahahahah.
      And I'm glad I could help you out with the cusp sign thing!! I could understand how it would be both a wonderful and also a very confusing thing... you'll figure it out when reading up on each sign which one fits you best (and that's probably the one you are!). :)


  3. Love this outfit, the studs on the denim shorts look great.


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