Tuesday, September 4, 2012

OOTD: First Day of Grad School!

I can't believe this day finally got here, but it did and it felt really good to get back into the artist swing of things.
I wanted to keep it suuuuuper casual since... well, I hate being the kid that CLEARLY dressed up for the first day of school. So I went with really casual yet slightly quirky pieces which I was able to feel comfy in all day.

Take the jump to see the details, plus a hilariously idiotic story from my first day of grad school!

B&W Striped Cotton Tee - Goodwill
Denim Skirt - Hand-me-Down from Mom
Chunky Flower Necklace - Ebay
Tobacco Skinny Belt - Urban Outfitters (Sale)
Woven Leather Slip-Ons (Not Pictured) - Goodwill

I didn't take a photo of my shoes since you all have probably seen them a gabajillion times, plus the lighting this morning was reaaaaaally compromised because of the rain outside (hence the sub-par quality photographs). So sorry about that!

Lips - Maybelline "Delish"

Speaking of the rain, I kind of had a mishap this morning. I was getting off the bus to get onto the subway and, to be honest, the next series of events is a blur (did I slip? Did I miss a step? Am I just plain stupid?) but basically... I fell off the bus.
Right onto my knees, too, so they took all of the impact. Thankfully the driver and the girl behind me were extremely sweet and caring trying to make sure I was alright, and to be honest, at the time I felt fine; yeah my knees felt a little scraped up, but no big deal. But as the day went on my knees really started to hurt and once I got home I took a look...

Holy crap, it seriously looks like someone took a crow bar to my knees and went to town!! I've basically been limping around because of the pain and now I see why; I can't even imagine what the pain will be like in the morning. Oofta.

So to cheer me up, I just look at this picture of Galileo from the other day when he clearly wanted my attention:

"Mommmmmmmmyyyyyyy, this is how I watch you when you're sleeeeeepiiiiiiing..." 

So that's basically it!!

How has everyone else been doing?
Did you start school like I did?
Start a grown up job?
Anything new in general like falling out of a bus?

Do tell! :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Sorry about your knees! I'll be going to grad school (hopefully) next year. I'd like to hear more about your grad school experiance! I'm feeling nervous now and still have 3 more quarters left!


    1. Aw, thanks! I'm sure I'll be posting more about my experience as the school year goes by so stay tuned and good luck with applications and all that! I applied to eight schools and only got into one (and of course the school I got into was the last acceptance/rejection letter I received haha) so chin up! You'll do great as long as you try your best :)


  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!! And thank you so much for following my blog, it really means a lot to me :)


  3. Omg that looks terrible! Must admit I forgot sympathy when I saw you cat and just had to laugh haha!


  4. Maria: Hahahah no worries I think it's hilarious even to this day... my nasty knees included!! :)


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