Monday, November 4, 2013

NOTD: Urban Outfitters "BRIGHT LIGHTS"

It's not often that I actually post a NOTD while I'm still wearing the polish… but "BRIGHT LIGHTS" is the exception. It is just so stinking cute; I honestly can't take my eyes off of it and figured that means it's worth sharing with you all straight away.
Right away.
Right now.

 I know, I know, you're probably thinking Wow Cassie, that's an awful lot of photo pimping that polish… was that really necessary? Oh darling; DUH it was necessary!! "BRIGHT LIGHTS" is deserving of every glamour shot in the world. I mean, look at it! It's such an adorable concoction of multi colored (and multi sized) glitter in a milky robins egg base… it's absolute perfection. 
Urban Outfitters is pretty high on my list of "stores who rip you, your cat, and every dead relative of yours off (even in the sale section)" but I have no problem shelling out top dollar for their nail polishes. Which honestly isn't even that steep; at $5 a bottle and often a "2 for $8" offer running, these end up being cheaper than Revlon polishes. Not to mention I love the ice cube-esque bottle, NARS textured wand topper, super fun selection of colors and finishes, and the formula is a creamy and dreamy delight. 

Basically: I love UO polishes. That is all.

I can't help but think "BRIGHT LIGHTS" looks like birthday cake frosting. Maybe it's the super milky base, maybe it's the red/yellow/green/blue glitter mimicking funfetti sprinkles, maybe it's the fact that I'd just really love some cake right now. Regardless, I'm so in love with the way this polish looks on the nails; it's just cute, cute, cute. Not to mention application was a dream. I only needed three coats for the photos above (which sounds like a lot, but for a sheer milky base like this then you know that that's the standard minimum) and didn't have to go fishing for glitters. Each dip gave just the perfect amount!

So, like said, I'm absolutely enamored with Urban Outfitters' "BRIGHT LIGHTS" polish. If you can find it either in store or online then I would highly recommend getting it. L'amour!

Have you tried Urban Outfitters polishes?
Love 'em as much as I do or not so much?
What's on your nails at the moment?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I haven't tried tried their nail polishes, but Bright Lights looks like a party in a bottle ;-) I'm not a big Urban Outfitters shopper .. the clothing is thin, expensive, and sized too small.


    1. It really is a party in a bottle Monica haha! I agree with you on most of their clothing… some of it I would KILL for but just can't justify the price tag :(

  2. Super pretty! I can see why you'd love this one :) It's right up my alley too - I've a total weakness for milky glitters. I've never tried Urban Outfitters polishes but $5 doesn't seem unreasonable. I agree that most of their other stuff is hideously overpriced though D:

    1. I knew you'd like this one!! Once I had it on my nails I thought of you immediately since I know how you feel about milky glitters haha (I have mutual feelings so no worries you're not alone). The price is extremely reasonable, especially compared to the other things they sell!!

  3. This is a lovely nail polish, i think it would be lovely for christmas parties! it reminds me of multicoloured tree light's i wonder if you could join the specs together with a nailpen to make wires! xxxx

    I'll leave my blog incase you'd like a nose xxx

    1. Yes indeed!! And that's a great idea I'll have to try that sometime so thank you <3

  4. This does look like the Pillsbury Funfetti frosting, haha! I've seen the polishes at Urban Outfitters and I'm always so tempted to grab some of the more unique shades. There's one that's a dark navy, almost black base with green/orange shifting glitter flakes in it, SO COOL! How they managed to keep these so cheap and everything else so ridiculously priced is BEYOND ME :D

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. I'm glad you see the resemblance Jess haha!! DEFINITELY nab some of the polishes next time you're at UO… honestly I have no regrets with any of the ones I own. Heck, it's almost Friday and I still have this on my nails without a chip in sight!! I'm glad they keep these cheap and hope they keep it that way lol :)


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