Monday, November 25, 2013

Thrift Haul!

Hello hello everyone, and happy almost Thanksgiving!! 
I hope you're all looking forward to a little vacation time, lots of delicious foods in casserole dishes, and lovely time with your families. In the meantime, if you need a little Goodwill goodness to get you through the last stretch of days until turkey day, feel free to watch my latest thrift haul on YouTube! 

As always, I hope you enjoy~

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I've never thrifted before but it seems really fun and potentially addictive. The green polka dot cardigan is so cute! The flippy skirt flatters your figure so well - I find it so hard to shop for skirts as they're always too short and ill-fitting.

    The books you got reminded me of my tragic situation when it comes to book reading ... i.e. I've basically stopped that activity altogether. So cognitively lazy. I have no idea what Running with Scissors is about either, but I think I've heard of it :p (Or should that just be a Weird Al album name?)

    Also ... I just like your videos for glimpses of your cat randomly wandering around in the background :p

    1. Hahah trust me when I say that thrifting is SUPER addictive. And I'm with you on skirts being hard to find; bottoms in general are a pain in the butt to get the right fit on! I'm also with you on reading… either I'm gulping them down like water or avoiding them like vegetables due to cognitive laziness haha.

      Galileo is such a ham; he loves popping in and out of the video for you guys so I'm glad everyone seems to love his cameos X3

  2. Chenille sweaters always shed the first time you wash them....and sometimes they deteriorate. But they are so nice to wear!

    1. Ughhhh it's definitely deteriorating on me and it makes me so sad ;__; It's such a gorgeous and comfortable sweater, I wish it would last me more than the two wears I'm going to get out of it before it's gone!!


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