Sunday, December 9, 2012

MUA Haul Part 1... "Innocence" Trio Eyeshadow: Swatches + Review!!

Ever since I started getting into the world of beauty on both Blogger and YouTube, I have envied those who live in the UK because of the access they have to certain drugstore makeup brands. And while I realize I could always order things online at the brand's website or eBay, I just COULD NOT handle the prices I would have to pay for overseas shipping and stingy seller inflations!!
Thankfully though, MUA must have been listening to my inner woes and weeping sessions because a few weeks ago they had a massive sale going on as well as FREE SHIPPING TO THE U.S.!!!!!!!!!

So you KNOW I picked up a few things for myself; I mean come on!! These three palettes only cost me a total of $11!!!!!!!!!!! It's okay, you can glare at me and show off those jealous eyes... I would too if I missed out on the deal of the year.

To break things up, I've decided to do separate posts reviewing each of these palettes individually so that we can all take the time to really ooo and ahhh over their beauty.
Today's palette?
The smallest of them all: MUA's Trio Eyeshadow in "Innocence"!

Now jump with me people! You're in for a treat :)

This little trio comes with three (humor me, people) domed eyeshadows that are silky and OH-SO gloriously pigmented. 
And while the name "Innocence" connotates a natural looking trio, I'd say that, when used together, these shadows create a look that's anything but. 

Because of how pigmented these shadows are, they stray from that natural and sheer look of what most would consider "innocent". Especially with the addition of the darkest shade, a rich duo-chromatic red-brown with green, this set is just an all around stunner.
This lovely little trio creates a luxurious look for everyday with some real flare; I got SO many compliments when I first wore these out and can't wait to wear this look more often. It's especially lovely behind glasses because it allows your eyes to come busting through your frames rather than receding into the background.

So there you have it!! 
I can't recommend this little trio enough to anyone who loves a good nude palette but wants something that will stand out amongst their collection; these shadows really are showstoppers in both appearance and formulation. Just make sure to wear a primer underneath them because they crease really easily!

Have you tried out the "Innocence" Trio Eyeshadow from MUA?
Love it? Hate it?
Own a different trio of theirs?
What's your favorite set of nudes with a twist?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. They look really good quality! I'm definitely going to pick some MUA palettes up soon. I've been holding off as I know I'm FINALLY getting the Naked 2 palette as a birthday present, but maybe after Christmas I'll have to grab a few. Really like your blog :) x

  2. MUA are actually so amazing and CHEAP. I recently bought some lipstick off them and i am pleased.
    Check out my blog and maybe follow each other? Just leave a comment.
    I'm soon doing a GIVEAWAY, hopefully for Christmas. :)

  3. You should know Cassie that I blame you for my recent make-up haul.haha! kidding! You inspired me to do something with my sparse make-up kit. And I feel you about the cost of make-up and shipping fee. I have qualms ordering online as I don't want to get the wrong shade.

    About Rurouni Kenshin, it was really awesome. The last time I watched was in high school so I pretty much forgot the story line. But they made the movie's story so even non-fans can enjoy it. :)


  4. I feel jealous of all the UK and US bloggers, I just don't have any access to cheap drugstore make-up here in Japan! You blended those eyeshadows beautifully. :)

  5. Cass, this is gorgeous on you! Woweeeee! Your artistic touch shows through! I <3 you.....!

  6. Nice outfit! If you want go to my blog:)

  7. Kerry: Yay, definitely do!! The NAKED2 palette is fantastic but MUA makes some great (and cheap) alternatives that are nice to add to any nude eyeshadow lover's collection :) And thanks so much!!

    Little Rus: Thank you, I think so too!

    Amaechi: I've heard their lipsticks are also great!! I would have bought some but I have WAY too many as it is haha.

    Kathy: Oh, that's good to hear about the movie!! I like it when you don't need to know a whole series to follow a movie's plot line :) And haha yay, you can blame me ANY day Kathy!! I'm glad to have inspired you since you inspire me all the time as well! >3<

    Maria: Oh no!! But I feel like Japan has SO many different great brands as well that you can choose from... plus they are usually in SUPER cute packaging! :) And thank you so much!!

    Mutti: Awwww thanks mutti!! I love you too :)

    Ire: Thanks!

    A sunshine of Fashion: This wasn't an outfit post... haha? :)

  8. MUA products are great! They've only just came into my local superdrug store so I've only just been able to get it as well. They do this brilliant eye brow pallet which is £3!!! I can't recommend it enough... anyways I love this trio, especially the reddy one! Xxx

  9. Lauren: Oh wow, I'll have to check it out and maybe get it the next time I do a little MUA order!! Thanks for the recommendation :)


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