Sunday, December 30, 2012

NOTD: Revlon Whimsical

Like I said in my last post, I'm a bit under the weather at the moment... bugger!!
That being said, I still wanted to do a quick post for you all today on my current nail polish; I've been getting boatloads of compliments on it so I hope you like it too :)

Take the usual jump below for details!

I think what first attracted me to Revlon's "Whimsical" is how unique it is; sure there are tons of glitter polishes out on the market but most of them are one (or two) color(s) of glitter in clear polish. 
Whimsical, however, is a beautiful robin's egg blue laced with a fairly sparse amount of pink and sky glitter.

I was a little disappointed in the color pay off of Whimsical (it's a very opaque sheer polish, if that makes any sense at all #itdoesn't) but, when layered over the perfect color of base polish, it gives a very pretty turquoise tint to the nail. 
I found Zoya's "Bevin" to be the perfect blue/green/grey (I know, I know... as an artist I should really have a better name for it) to use under Whimsical and apparently others agree!! Like I said before, I can't even count the number of compliments I have gotten on this manicure.

Otherwise, not much else new here!!
I'm just going to hunker down with the above spread and Galileo for the afternoon and hope that I can kick this bug that I've picked up.

Have you tried Revlon's Whimsical?
What color polish would you layer it on top of?
Do you have a favorite glitter top coat or do you have a plethora in your stash like I do?
Do share!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. The Revlon Whimsical is so pretty! I love Revlon polishes. My favorite drugstore brand!

  2. Katie: Isn't it great? I think it's such a subtly beautiful polish :) And Revlon is my favorite drugstore brand for polishes (and lip products!) as well!!

  3. What a cute combination! I haven't tried out very many Revlon polishes, but I might have to see if I can find Whimsical - it's so pretty!

    Hope you feel better soon! :)

  4. Just found your blog and I'm really enjoying it!!
    New follower! :)

  5. I love the nail polish combo - very pretty!

    And ... love your last pic .. so cute all wrapped up with your kitty.


  6. Super cute! Reminds me of those Easter egg chocolate candies!


  7. That's a lovely colour!

    Kimberley x

  8. Love this color and the subtle glitter over it, so cute!

  9. Blog Rince: Aw, thank you so much for the well wishes!! And definitely try out this polish (or any of Revlon's polishes; they're my favorite!!) if you ever get the chance :)

    Marina Blissious: Thank you!!

    Gina: Thanks so much!! I'm so happy to have you here :)

    Monica: Thank you!! And yes, he's my little cuddle bug *^__^*

    Varvara: Ah, yes you're completely right!!

    Kimberley: Thank you!

    Analisa: Thank you, I love the subtle gitter too!

    Mikazuki: Thanks :)

  10. Great color!!!
    Also, your cat is so adorable. XD

  11. Love this colour, so pretty

    Please check out my blog if you have a chance, I’ve given it a bit of a revamp, I was clearly very bored over the Christmas hols!! Haha



  12. Ooh, that nail polish is so pretty - such a fresh colour for spring : )

  13. Helen: Thanks!

    shipshapeandbristolfashion: Thank you, I think so too!! :)

  14. That Revlon polish is beautiful! xx

  15. Amie: Thank you, I love it as well!


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