Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Video Up On YouTube!!

Hello again!!

Feels strange to post twice in one day (like I used to do last summer when I first got into blogging and couldn't control myself) but alas it cannot be helped for I have a new video up on YouTube!

So really, in all honesty, this doesn't even feel like a post to me... it's just a little nudge in your side to shimmy on over into YouTube-land if you're interested in my Best & Worst of Beauty videos; I feel like I say it every month but I really can't believe January is basically over (though I'm sure glad it is)!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. You've got such a bubbly personality!! :) Rachel x


  2. Nice video! I've just started making videos for youtube, I've only done one so far and finding it a little bit weird at the minute. Sure i'll get used to it.

    I followed you, check out my video if you want to.

    1. Thank you!! So glad to have you here on my blog.
      And I'm sure you'll get used to making videos in due time, just keep making them and it'll come to you :)


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