Thursday, January 3, 2013

NOTD: Nude Glitter

I'm such a freaking fraud; this isn't even the nail polish I have on my nails right now.
But alas, life has been extremely stressful lately (work, school, applications, finances... this that and flurp flop floopty doo) and I haven't been able to get the final shots I need to do a review (SPOILER ALERT: NARS) because I'm still sick and my face shows it (eye bags and hormonal zits galore).

So here you go!!
A little bit of nail polish to brighten your/mine/our spirits from about a month ago; I think the only reason I didn't post it immediately was because I had already done a few nail posts in a row and didn't want to make anyone angry from blog post repetition (oh the horror!).

Take the jump below with me to see more... it's the first post of 2013 so let's try it with some vigor (or, if you're in the same state I'm in, you can just wrap yourself up in a blanket and roll on over; I understand)!

I don't know why but I absolutely ADORE the look of this nude polish with the 90's Lisa Frank glitter (at least that's how I see it). Maybe it's my subconscious saying "Cassie, it's a new year!! Start it fresh (nude) with a dash of creativity (glitter explosion)!"
Or, you know, maybe it's just me trying to make a deep excuse as to why I like these nails to avert my attention from more pressing matters (bills, being a real life Snuffleupagus, petting my cat... speaking of...):

 (insert happy kitty snores here)
 Do I smell mommy being a paparazzi meow? I had better receive some sort of compensation...
 Oh yeah, you know just how I like it purrrrrrr...

How's 2013 treating everyone else?
Hopefully better than I'm faring/better than the guy that got arrested outside my apartment complex about a half hour after the New Year (I had front row seats... I mainly enjoyed hearing "GET YOUR F***ING HANDS OFFA ME BRO" over and over hehehe)?
Do tell!!

xoxo - Cassie


  1. awww so cute!!
    I love the nail polish too!

  2. Love that nail polish and the 'glitter' It's a really nice combination!

  3. So pretty! I love how the glitter is so subtle.

    Girl Meets Beauty

  4. Your nails usually remind me of food! (:
    Cupcakes to be particular...


  5. Marina: Thank you so much, I'm glad you like :)

    Marie: Thanks dear, I really like it too!

    Taylor: I think that's one of the things I love about it, too!! The subtlety of it is pretty unexpected :)

    Varvara: Haha that's so wonderful!! Thank you for telling me that, it made me very happy for some reason *^__^*

  6. Ooh that is really pretty! I love how the glitter is subtle enough to wear to practically any occasion. Your cat is so cute!!

    xx Ellie 

  7. I tend to ignore bar glitter but this is really pretty! Also your cat is gorgeous.

  8. I don't like nudes myself, but this color looks great with your skin tone. And I have to say, I do like that it looks like the glitter is actually in the nude polish, almost as if it came that way. On another note, your year is starting better than mine. I got rear-ended on the way home from work on New Year's Eve. My poor Tiburon is broken. At least your blog always brightens my day. : )

  9. This is really pretty :) Somehow it reminds me of candy. And I love cat pictures in posts x

  10. The glitter is gorgeous! :)
    I need to find a similar one cause I do not have Sally Hansen where I live.

  11. Ellie: Thank you, I think so too!!

    ZxM Style-Squared: Thanks!

    JaguarZinnias:Thank you so much :)

    Jessica: Aw thank you so much for you kind words, you're too sweet! >3< And nooooo your poor car!! I hope you can get repairs done on it soon :(

    Coco: Thank you!!

    Gina: Oh no, that's too bad to hear!! I hope you find a dupe for this soon (I wish I could think of one off the top of my head but sadly can't)! :)

  12. I've been trying to not post a lot of nail stuff either! I like the look of the sparkles here though!

    xoxo Jayne from

  13. Jayne: Hehe it's tough indeed :p But thank you!!

  14. this is so pretty, I definitely need to try this out :) xx

  15. Danielle: Thank you, and definitely do!!

  16. Looks so candy-ish and girly ! Pretty pretty :)


  17. Hola Flo Blog: That seems to be the consensus haha!! Thank you so much :)


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