Friday, January 18, 2013

New Video Up!!

It's a little different from what I (or anyone? Haha...) usually do but I hope you like this little update video of mine!! I actually had a lot of fun editing this one together :)

xoxo - Cassie


  1. Fajny film!
    Masz fantastyczny głos!
    Pozdrawiam i życzę udanego weekendy.
    Miłego dnia :p

  2. I loved the video!! You both are so sweet! :)

  3. Miska Grabowska: I'm so sorry I don't speak whatever language it is that you commented in!! But thank you for taking the time to stop by :)

    Mafalda: Thank you so much!! :)

  4. Fun video, Cassie-boo! I didn't realize how much stuff I bought you while I was there, it was a lucrative weekend for you! Glad you are happy with everything. Did you finish the potica and cupcakes? You didn't mention the haul I brought for you from Mpls...that was sweet too (except the cup leaks). I love you!

  5. Mutti: Haha yes it was!! And of COURSE I finished those off ;) Though, granted, it took me until today to do so. And oh man, I COMPLETELY forgot about that stuff!! Probably because it was all put away already :( I also didn't mention all of the lighters you bought heheheheh...

  6. You're too cute! I love your video...and I adore velvet too. :D x

  7. Ampersaand: Haha aw thank you!! And I'm glad you're a fellow velvet lover; it's such a fun fabric for outfits :)


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