Monday, January 14, 2013

January '13 Birchbox!!

Best Birchbox ever? No.
Worst Birchbox ever? No.

Explanation? Below the jump :)

I honestly wasn't sure what I was expecting from this month's box but based on the email(s?) they sent describing the theme I had been given some hope that this was going to be a special box. 
At least when I think of a box centered around "making [2013] the best year ever" I think of a box filled with some pretty fantastic products spanning a decently large range of beauty items. Clearly this was not the case.

I was, however, pleasantly surprised at the mini fold-out poster that was included in the box this month; it's touches like these that make a box feel really special, regardless of whether I'll hang it up on my wall or not :)

The first thing I couldn't help but notice in my box was this sample of the Ojon Rare Blend Oil Total Hair Therapy. I've wanted to buy this since it came out for a couple of reasons:
1.) I have a deep love for Ojon hair products, as you may have read in my Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus review, and
2.) It's freaking beautiful!! This is absolutely something I would have out on display in my bathroom while I hesitate to use it because I wouldn't want to waste its beauty.

I have yet to try this out but I'm sure it's great just based on my experience with Ojon in the past. It smells almost identical to my Ojon Restorative Hair Treatment Plus mask with just a slight citrus scent thrown in so I'm sure the formula is at least somewhat similar (and thus amazing).

I've never heard of Embyolisse before but the fact that they claim to have used "the perfume of childhood" in their moisturizer... well, I guess I'm intrigued though slightly disturbed at this little nod towards their brand name ("embryo", "childhood"... see where I'm going with that?).
I have yet to use this little sample but once I'm done with my current eye cream I'll give this a go (since the skin around my eyes seems to be my biggest trouble spot) and let you know what childhood smells like (this has a safety seal on it so I have yet to take a whiff of my past).

The Embryolisse sample and this 100% Pure sample were the two that made me scrunch my nose at this particular Birchbox (and no, not because the scent of childhood had me reeling).
I just don't understand why I would want or need two moisturizer samples in one Birchbox?

I mean, I suppose since the Embryolisse is apparently a multipurpose product I shouldn't be too peeved. 
But still. 
I'm a selfish child at heart and would have loved for the 'Beauty Extra' to be something other than what was already included in the box.

I'm pretty sure I've mentioned every time I get a perfume sample in my Birchbox how much and why I hate receiving them so I won't go into it again. 
Thankfully this was wrapped in an absolutely ADORABLE wrapper (mimicking a little candy!) so it added a nice cute factor to my box.

The scent itself was something I was a little wary of (bergamot and my skin chemistry aren't known for being the best of friends) but I was actually pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed the dry-down.
When all was said and done it reminded me SO much of my L de Lolita Lempicka perfume (which sadly spilt upon transport from Minnesota to Massachusetts this summer) so I'm happy to have this as an alternative; both have notes of vanilla and bergamot but aerie's SHIMMER uses peony rather than immortelle. 
It's definitely the type of fragrance that you want to wear on crisp winter days while cuddled up in a big toasty blanket!

If all of that meant absolutely nothing to you (I like to think I'm a bit of a perfume snob connoisseur), boil it down to this: SHIMMER (like L de Lolita Lempicka) leaves me smelling like a cinnamon spice cookie.

This was the product that made this month's Birchbox SO. WORTH IT. Absolutely every penny!!
I've been wanting to try an Eyeko liner since I can remember but, since it didn't come in brown, I never went for it (you can read more on my aversion toward black eyeliner here if you'd like).

Eyeko's liquid eyeliner goes on smooth, is easy to apply because of the semi-flexible felt tip, and absolutely doesn't budge. I have yet to wear this on my eyes but I've had this swatch on my hand all day (during which I did a month's worth [I'm not kidding] of laundry) and it looks just as crisp and beautiful as it did when I photographed it this morning.

I couldn't help but laugh at how Galileo smushed his face up against his perch for his afternoon nap hahaha...

So that's it everyone!!
Like said, this was by no means a bad Birchbox, I just think my hopes had been too pumped up from the box's theme. 

Either way, my mom came to Boston this past weekend (which is when I got my Birchbox in the mail) and stayed with me for a few days so I had a WONDERFUL weekend full of love, laughs, and good food. I miss you already Mutti!!

What did you get in your Birchbox this month?
Did you love it, hate it, or feel a little in-between like me?
Don't have a Birchbox subscription? 
What do you wish you would have received?

xoxo - Cassie


  1. I've been wanting to try out a box like this! Can't decide which one to go with it. It looks like you got some really nice goodies in this one! That eyeliner looks fantastic.

  2. I've been thinking about subscribing to one of these monthly beauty box things for a while, but do you think that there that worth it?

    By the way your cat looks really cute and fluffy lol

  3. I'd also love to sub to Birch Box, but I have so many samples that I haven't used from Sephora etc.


    PS: cutest cat - ever.

  4. Katie: I can't really comment on other boxes but if you're thinking about Birchbox then absolutely go for it!! I love getting it every month and they have a great rewards program :)

    Kimbo95: I replied back to you on your blog!! And thank you, he is very fluffy hehe :)

    Minica: It's definitely for a specific brand of girl (aka hoarders) haha!! And thank you, I'm glad you love my cat so much :3

  5. I've never tried birchbox but I always love seeing what's in other people's boxes, haha! Your cat is so adorable! I'm following ya now! :)
    <3, Mel

  6. I got the Eyeko liner in a beauty box a few months back and while I haven't mastered the cat flick yet, I do love it! It glides on so well x

  7. Mel: Aw thank you I'm glad to have you here!! And yes, it's nice to get a nosy into other people's subscription boxes haha :p

    Ampersaand: Glad you agree and love it as well!! Such a great product :)

  8. I tried the Eyeko eyeliner last month because I got it as a free sample and I absolutely LOVED it! Best eyeliner ever. The only (kinda huge downside) was that mine dried out quite quickly. xx

  9. Coco: Oh no, that's too bad to hear!! I'll have to be sure to use mine fast before it starts to dry :)

  10. Eyeko eyeline is my favourite one ever!

  11. I think Embryolisse (and yes, the name makes me shudder) is the brand of moisturizer that the sisters on Pixiwoo are always raving about.

    1. Oh really?? I don't watch them so I suppose I wouldn't know hhaha :)


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